5 Reasons You Need an Author Press Kit

5 Reasons You Need an Author Press Kit

Noon EST, Wednesday, Aug. 2


Who should be on the call?

Authors. Those who have a book, several books, and those who are in the process of writing or thinking about writing a book. If you’re looking to gain media awareness about your book and your message, don’t miss this opportunity to learn about why it’s so important to have an author press kit.

When is the call?

Noon EST, Wednesday, Aug. 2.

What will we talk about?

We’ll cover 5 reasons why you need an author press kit to help put you in a better position to work with media and amplify your message.

Where is it?

Once you register for the call (fill out the form to the right), the Thank You page will provide you with the call-in details and a guidebook you can download for the call.

Why should I be on the call?

The number of self-published books has increased 350 percent since 2010 (Bowker). The digital revolution has brought on the information age and we’re knee deep in knowledge overload, a noisy world, limited attention spans, and wanting-it-yesterday mentalities. Your audience needs to hear about your book, your message and your story, but how?

It starts with an author press kit.

Who is Joel?

Joel Kessel is a strategic communications advisor who helps turn authors into entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs into authors. He has worked with, presented to and educated authors, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small businesses throughout his 24-year career on how to position and amplify their message.

“If you want what you’re seeking, something different has to occur. If you want to change your outcome, you have to make a new choice and go in a different direction.” – Joel Kessel

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